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Alexa Stephens


"A Mixture of all the right things, for all the most Naughty of reasons" 

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh

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Ever wish for that perfect moment

For you, Its been said that seeing me is like the feeling of having a fresh breeze caress your face as the sun blissfully warms you on the perfect summer day. That tantalizing breeze brings with it the smell of coconut and rum to playfully stimulate your palette and
leave you wondering what will come next from that playful teasing. 

For me, its a candlelight dinner at a fine restaurant, the perfect  mixture of apprehension and excitement in opening a gift from you, one picked out and perfectly suited to my exquisite tastes, from getting to know each other over the course of our journey together. It's the hint of passion in your eyes as mine alight with longing for the night to continue on. 

For us, It's the blending of the two. Of the unknown that our venture together can bring us. The moments of hinting of whats beyond and the solidarity of the moment we are in. I truly hope that the perfect moment I'm describing  can happen fully in our time together. I truly can't wait for this!



Isn't It time you Tried something Original

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